How does Cobia Invest do deals?

It’s really simple at CobiaInvest, we believe in transparency, speed, and fairness. We’re committed to providing our investors with premier real estate opportunities while adhering to a straightforward sales and contract policies.

First Come First Served

First and foremost, speed is of the essence in our relationships with investors. We operate on a first-come, first-serve basis. The investor who acts the fastest secures the property. Our seasoned team is adept at identifying high-potential properties and matching them with interested investors swiftly and efficiently, but this does require that you look out for our emails and our texts, and be ready to make a decision. If you’re new to the area, or to wholesale and real estate investing in general this can be overwhelming.

Typically it takes between 5minutes – 2 hours for our investors to pull the triggers on deals, secure a contract, and get a deposit under escrow.

This quick turnaround allows investors to capitalize on opportunities before they become widely available in the market, and ensures our operations run smoothly. Because of the nature of this business there isn’t the typical length of time in the broader real estate market. Deals must be done, and done quickly – in exchange for the massive discounts and value we’re bringing.

Secondly, our sales process is extremely streamlined. Once you express your intent to purchase a property, whether it’s via text or email, our team leaps into action. We will promptly prepare and send over a contract for your review and signature – which we expect to be signed no later than end of day. This immediate response ensures that the momentum of the deal is maintained and the transaction can proceed without unnecessary delays. After this initial process we’ll turn the deal over to our title team for closing.

Finally, we’re firm believers in safeguarding the interests of all parties involved. Upon agreement of the contract, we provide all necessary escrow information. We work with reliable and credible escrow companies to ensure a smooth, safe, and secure transaction process. This safeguards your investment and provides a seamless and worry-free experience from start to finish.

At CI, we stand by these policies to ensure a robust, reliable, and rapid investment experience for every investor we work with. We are passionate about the success of our investors, and we believe our policies reflect this commitment.